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6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

Source: 6 Signs You’re An Earth Angel

I am apart of Empath “support” groups, I guess you would call them, on Facebook. Some days it feels like they “just get me” and others I honesty don’t know what friggin’ planet these people come from! BUT, yesterday as I was soaking in all of my Mothers Day glory, I was spoiled and I literally laid in bed all day. I tried to rally the family about having Mothers Day everyday, but no one was biting. Ugh!

I come across this article, and as normal articles, I planned on skimming it and moving on. The only thing is, with every sentence I realized that I was saying, “YES! OMG! I DO THAT!” So after doing that very thing for several minutes, I decided to repost it because lately I have been feeling so misunderstood. Seems I can’t connect with anyone, I can’t seem to see eye to eye with anyone, I don’t want to be around anyone, and I just don’t feel like myself and the worst part is, I can’t seem to get motivated to do the things that I love…..writing and photography.

As I read on, I realized that someone, whoever wrote this article had the mindset that I do every day. FINALLY, one person related to me, one that wont look at me like I am nuts when I tell them about the things I feel or experience. It gave me hope, so I wanted to repost it in hopes that I can give someone else that same hope. This article describes me PERFECTLY!!! In fact, I have never read anything that was so perfect.

Hi there! I'm Beth and this is my life and my little corner of the world. Some would call this a "lifestyle blog" and it is to a point, but it is for all who struggle with the daily whirlwind of life. The ones, that just need a someone to identify with. Someone that understands when all is against you, maybe even a place for a quick escape, even if only for a moment. This blog will cover such a wide variety of things that at times it won't make sense, but in the end it all will tie together, maybe not "perfectly" but it will all tie together. I am a mother of two amazing, grown boys and a Nana to the best little 6 year old boy anyone could ask for. I am also a wife of over 2 decades....TO THE SAME MAN! 😂 He is one of the most wonderful and most brave man I have ever met....and the one who will put up with me. I struggle sometimes, life gets hard, life is depressing, overwhelming, and sometimes everything seems to go all wrong, but in the end it's all about your attitude and how you deal with it. Nothing is perfect no matter how bad you wish it to be. I am not perfect, neither is my life, nor is this blog, but I hope along the way that you find at least a moment of peace within my writings. Please feel free to contact me, leave a comment, or just follow along and read at your leisure, whatever makes you comfortable. Thanks for visiting and happy reading. ❤📕

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