Blog Writing Challenge

5 blessings in my life.


Today’s challenge is for me to write about 5 blessings in my life.

#1. My kids; I was a teen mom, I got pregnant with my first son at 15, I had all my kids early in life. I believe wholeheartedly, that I was given my children by God at the time I needed them. I was on a destructive path on and off throughout my life and right when things started to go really bad and I thought I couldn’t go any further, I was blessed with a baby. I tell them all the time that in one way or another they saved my life. I have been asked by several people over the years, if I was terrified when I found out, I wasn’t. The only time I even remotely got a little nervous was right before I had them because I couldn’t protect them as I did when they were in the womb.

#2. My husband; My husband and I have been together for almost 23 years now. We fight, we argue, but when it comes down to the bare bones of the situation, we are the best of friends and we depend on each other for everything. Everyone tells us, we are the relationship that they want to have. We are not perfect, but we are, for sure, perfect for each other. He came into my life when I needed him the most, when I was so lost and confused and didn’t trust anyone.

#3. My home; I grew up in a very small, run down, one bedroom apartment with my Mom. It was beyond embarrassing. I never had anything that the other kids had, and I never got to do anything that the other kids got to do. So living in such a nice big home, my husband and I are able to give our kids and Grandson things that I didn’t have. My husband in fact, just stumbled across the house driving around for work and by that night we were scheduling the move in date. When you come from nothing, literally, and you move into a 5 bedroom in such a nice area of town it is a feeling that is almost impossible to explain. I am lucky enough to have the things now, that I only dreamed of as a kid. I have the things that a lot of people wish for, and I am so grateful.

#4. The means to follow “my path”; My husband and I are at a point in life where we have been blessed with enough resources that I am able to be at home full time. I had been a stay-at-home Mom the majority of my life but we always suffered for it. I stayed home out of necessity for the kids and because of the shortage of funds I really couldn’t follow my dreams. Now we are in a place where I can make a major attempt at following what I believe has always been my destiny. Writing.

#5. The “healing” of my Thyroid; I was diagnosed with a hyper-thyroid disease about 16 years ago after quite a few years of declining health. I lost so much weight that I was in my 20’s wearing kids clothes because that is all that fit me, at 83 lbs. I was tired 24/7, my hair was falling out in clumps among SEVERAL other side effects, I gave up all hope. After seeing several Dr.’s, in 2 different states, they told me that I didn’t have very much longer to live because my Thyroid Disease was now pretty well on it’s way into “Graves Disease”, which is much more serious than just the Thyroid issue. I turned to my “family” to help with anything and no one believed me, I was accused of being on drugs, anorexia and bulimia, and/ or I was making it all up. I was dying, literally, and no one seemed to care. The Dr’s put me on meds for the Thyroid disease but after just a few months I quite taking it because the I couldn’t function with the side effects. I came to the realization that I was going to die. I lay awake night after night coming to the realization that I would never see my children grow up and I would never get to grow old with my husband. Six months rolled around, then a year, then five years, then ten, and I wasn’t dead, was it a miracle? I truly believe it was. I went to my family Dr last summer and had my Thyroid tested for the second time since I was diagnosed and he said my Thyroid is over active but not enough to put me on medication.

We all have so many blessings that come into our lives everyday, it’s all a matter of appreciation. From the smallest of things to the most major life changing events, appreciate everything. The things you take for granted are the things that someone else is wishing for. Be grateful for everything. EVERYTHING!

Hi there! I'm Beth and this is my life and my little corner of the world. Some would call this a "lifestyle blog" and it is to a point, but it is for all who struggle with the daily whirlwind of life. The ones, that just need a someone to identify with. Someone that understands when all is against you, maybe even a place for a quick escape, even if only for a moment. This blog will cover such a wide variety of things that at times it won't make sense, but in the end it all will tie together, maybe not "perfectly" but it will all tie together. I am a mother of two amazing, grown boys and a Nana to the best little 6 year old boy anyone could ask for. I am also a wife of over 2 decades....TO THE SAME MAN! 😂 He is one of the most wonderful and most brave man I have ever met....and the one who will put up with me. I struggle sometimes, life gets hard, life is depressing, overwhelming, and sometimes everything seems to go all wrong, but in the end it's all about your attitude and how you deal with it. Nothing is perfect no matter how bad you wish it to be. I am not perfect, neither is my life, nor is this blog, but I hope along the way that you find at least a moment of peace within my writings. Please feel free to contact me, leave a comment, or just follow along and read at your leisure, whatever makes you comfortable. Thanks for visiting and happy reading. ❤📕

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